ASICS Safety | Work Shoes “Win Job” CP304

Asics menyediakan sepatu safety yang bisa dikenakan juga untuk bekerja. Asics Safety Shoes sangat menonjolkan sisi stabilias, sifat bantalan dan fleksibilitas. Tentu saja dengan desain unik khas sepatu Asics. Cocok untuk Anda yang memiliki mobilitas tinggi. Kerja aman dan nyaman dengan Asics Safety Shoes

Detail Produk :
Tersedia Warna : white x black | black x white | blue x yellow | classic red x black | grey x white
Kategori : Boots Pria

Spesifikasi Produk

Spesifikasi Produk
Features :
  • Adopts the BOA® Fit System (L6 dial) that enables a quick and fine fit.
  • The heel part of the sole is equipped with the shock absorbing material "GEL", which is also used in Asics sports shoes, to enhance cushioning. In addition, the three-dimensional SRB insole that supports the arch of the foot and prevents the heel from falling inward reduces the burden on the foot.
  • Uses oil-resistant rubber that does not easily deteriorate with oil
  • The BOA® Fit System provides a micro-adjustable precision fit designed to perform in the toughest conditions.

  • JSAA Class A Certified
  • Pressure Resistant Load : 10±0.1kN
  • Reference weight : approx. 490g

Materials :
  • Instep: artificial leather + synthetic fiber
  • Toecap: Glass fiber reinforced resin
  • Shock-absorbing material: fuzeGEL, Sole: Rubber sole
  • An insole: Synthetic resin (EVA)

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